Chelsea Fringe 2023

Chelsea Fringe 2023

The 2023 Chelsea Fringe Festival will be held Saturday 20th May – Sunday 28th May.

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Chelsea Fringe, the alternative garden festival, will take place from 20 to 28 May 2023. Please start thinking about imaginative, quirky, and unusual ideas to help create another bumper celebration of horticulture and grassroots gardening.

Giving nurses the pay increase they're calling for would cost around £1.8 billion per year.

Scrapping the non-dom tax avoidance scheme used by the super-rich would raise much more - around £3.2 billion per year.

The Tory refusal to pay nurses properly is a political choice.

Good news. 16 year old #SoniaSharifi - down to be executed as of yesterday - was released from Ilam prison today at 3pm after being detained for a month. Thank you to everyone for spreading her name and image. Say their names, save a life. #IranRevoIution